Sitespy is complete web analytics and SEO tools system. You can analysis and save all your website related data and have all the SEO tools in a single package. If you are an owner or admin of a website then you need it without a doubt.

If you are owner or admin of a website who want to know, analysis and save all your website and user analytics and optimize your site for search engine Sitespy is the only web application you need. Also a person who wants be the admin of Sitespy to give the opportunity to other people for analyzing their website and using SEO tools as business or free service.

Sitespy has all the feature to analysis your website traffic and facility of SEO tools. You can perform all types of analysis like web analysis, social network analysis etc, keyword position tracking, website ping and backlink, malware scan, google Adwords scrapping, all the SEO tools and facility of API. For more information about features and functionality please read our documentation for Sitespy.

We have uploaded a demo of our application on this link. You can use our application on test basis in there. Keep in mind that lot features are unavailable in demo version so you will not experience full feature and power of our software. To know about all the features of application read our documentation or go to our promotional page or Envato product description page.

You can purchase Sitespy on Envato marketplace. As per rule of Envato we do not sell our web app outside Envato market. So please do not request us to provide the app by other means.

License choosing depends on what type use of app you want. If you want to use the app to analysis your website or websites and no commercial use of app then regular or single license is enough for you. If you want to use it for commercial purpose i.e. you want add member as user of the app as a business then you have to purchase extended license. Remember purchasing single license for the app and using it for commercial use is severe offence as per software law and subject to punishment.

Purchase our app at Envato market. Upload it to your hosting, create database and install the app. Log on as admin and you will get a javascript code to add on your website source code. That's all you need to do. For more information please read our documentation for Sitespy.

You have to buy an extended license for the app. Upload, create database and install the app on your hosting. Log in as admin. Now you can start adding app user as member and provide them facility of our web application. There are options to add and customize packages for specific users. For more information please read our documentation for Sitespy.

You can add your language in our app. Read our documentation to add your language. If you are unable to add your language you can give us the language files and credentials of your website we will add your language. If you are unable to create the language files on your own you can request for your language on sitepsy. We will do our best to add your language in next update.

You cannot sell, rent, provide free of charge or hand it over the full software and part of the software to someone else. Xeronitbd exclusively holds the copyright of software and Envato secures the right to sell it on behalf of xeroneitbd. And all the other logo and services or programming language are property of respected owners which we use free or with their permission or purchasing. All the selling or providing free of charge of our web application outside Envato marketplace will be copyright infringement and subject to punishment.

You can modify or change application source code for your development purpose at your own risk. Xeroneitbd will not responsible for any damages due to change or modification of source code by you. It may void warranty or support of your purchased product. If you want us to repair any damages after code modification done by you we can apply extra charge for that. And last but not the least you cannot sell our app by changing or modifying code.

We do our best to provide finest support to our respected application users. You can contact us for support in our support email address on any problem in our software or for querying about application. No one can guaranty that their software is completely bug free so do we. If the problem is solvable in short time we will solve it as soon as possible. If the problem is complex or contain dependency with your server or website it may take the next update of application to solve it. Also any enhancement or a new feature you needed in our application it may take the next update of application to provide it. We consider all the advices and necessity of our valued customers and we also conduct our own research to optimize and enhance our application. So always feel free to tell us what you need in our application at any time. If there are lot request for support from users then we may be late to solve your problem so please keep patience. Do not even think that we are ignoring your problem. Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for keeping patience in advance.

Our software is slow is not likely to be our software's fault. Always keep in mind that any web analytics software save huge data on server database. If your server is slow or database is overloaded by data or lot of cron job is scheduled then the software may seems to slow. In this case our suggestion is delete you junk data form database (you can do it from settings->delete junk data, option in the application. Or you can do it directly inside from database, but make sure not to delete necessary data.), Minimize your cron jobs, or change your hosting on a different server.

We can't provide a social network analysis unless it does not include public API. We could not provide analysis of twitter because twitter cancels their public API.

Searches may be blocked due to lot of request to website like google, bing. Facebook etc by them. In this case use proxy address (application has option for that). You can perform not too frequent search. You can also consider of using a paid proxy address

Proxy is optional. If you have not too much use then without proxy , it is ok .But it is recommended to use some good private proxy. Too much search in google like google index, google backlink, and related website can result of block your ip. So it is wise to use proxy to keep you in safe zone. But if you use it only your purpose, then without proxy it will work good.

No, free proxy are too slow and 99% are not valid for google search. So go for some premium private proxy if you want to use proxy.

Some of our buyer are using https://instantproxies.com. I found them their proxy is good. Their support is also good.

Yes, Shared server is enough. But many shared server has some limitation. But this application need some criteria which is described in the documentation. So we will suggest if you want to install it shared server then go for https://www.bluehost.com or https://godaddy.com or any other hosting provider where they will not give limitation.

You can configure the number of website from your admin panel.

Yes, you can. Code are open.

No , you can install it in only one domain.

If you want to transfer the application into new domain, send us an email or write a comment in product page of codecanyon. Send email at konokronok@gmail.com , including your username, purchase code, old domain , new domain. If you want to comment, then just put your old domain and new domain.