Server Configuration

Server Configuration

Server Requirement

  • PHP 5.4 to 7.0
  • MySQL 5.X
  • cURL enable
  • Mbstring enable
  • Safe-mode = off
  • No value of open-basedir
  • Mode_rewrite enable
  • Allow_url_fopen = on

Server Problem & Solutions

If you face 404 page not found or 500 internal server error problem during installation (yourdomain/home/installation), It may happen for one of the 3 reason. Check each one and fix it. Your problem will be solved.

  • First make sure, there is the .htaccess file in the root. if not extract file in local pc and copy the .htaccess file which is in the root and upload it to the server.
  • Make sure your server has mod_rewrite enable. If not , then enable it.
  • If mod_rewrite is enabled,then make sure it is AllowOverride All for your domain in httpd.conf or apache.conf

This problem basically happen one of the three reason. Check all the option and fix it . Your problem will be solved.

  • First make sure your server has cURL enabled. You have to enabled cURL for this application
  • Second, Make sure that in your server open_basedir is cleaned and safe_mode=off
    If you can check the console of the browser, you find error. If this error like this “curl_setopt(): CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when an open_basedir is set” , then it is the problem of open_basedir is not cleaned. Just remove the value of open_basedir and safe_mode=off from php.ini file or if you have not access to root, then contact to your hosting provider.
  • Another reason it may happen, that in application/config and application/core folder has no write permission. Please give write permission (777) to application/config and application/core folder.

Also in some feature you can get this error
Fatal error: Call to undefined function
mb_detect_encoding() in /home/attentionsoft/public_html/spy/application/libraries/simple_html_dom.php on line 1234

It mostly happen for that you server has no mbstring installed or enabled.
Make sure your server has mbstring enabled.

In php.ini uncomment this line
See the screen shot .

If you don’t have the access of your hosting root access please contact to your provider.
Also here it is a topics about mbstring. You can find it helpful

After installation if you get this error then just do a quick tweak and install it again. Hope this will solve the problem.

  • Delete all files and folders from your server.
  • Upload or extract the application again.
  • Open application/controllers/home.php
  • Goto the line no 328. It may vary upon version to version . But something like the picture. Just $db['default']['pconnect'] = FALSE; instead of TRUE.
  • Install it again.

Hope this will solve your problem. Error Message: DOMDocument::load():
http:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0

This is because in php configuration allow_url_fopen is off in your server. Edit your php.ini file and make it
allow_url_fopen = On
And restart apache.
It should solve the problem.
If don't have root acces please contact provider. It is needed for xml parsing.

From some customer we get complain that, their site broke after add the tracking js code. After investigate we found that, jquery easing plugin creating problem. This plugin has a little bug , in console we got error of this plugin jQuery.easing[jQuery.easing.def] is not a function.
We are not going to explain it more where is the bug and why.
Just we are giving a simple solution if you have used this plugin then
Download the modified version of this jquery easing plugin and replace your existing plugin with this.
Hope this may solve your problem.