Bot Inboxer : Multi-account & Multi-page Facebook Messenger Chat Bot
A FB Inboxer Add-on

Bot Inboxer - a FB Inboxer add-on, is Facebook Messenger Bot application. You will be able to set your messenger bot for multiple pages. The bot can reply with text, post back button, quick reply, image, video, template, carousel template & so on. Setting up your messenger bot with Bot Inboxer will reply all your customers in messenger very fast

It is not a standalone app, get FB Inboxer to use this add-on.

In import account menu you will find your imported accounts and pages. First you need to enable bot for a particular page to create bot for that page.

You can add buttons and can put your link when bot replies your visitors. To put a link you need to whitelist the domain. Suppose you will use several website links in your bot,,abc,com etc. You can add these domains to page whitelist now. It's not mandatory because when you create a bot and put a link that is not whitelisted system will also whitelist it automatically.

Add Bot Settings

The landing page will show current bot settings for that page, you can edit/view them if you like.
In the top right you will see button to create a new bot.

There are fourn types of replies:
  1. Reply : Keyword based reply [requires comma seperated keywords]
  2. Post-back : Button click action [requires post-back ID]
  3. No-match : No keyword matched then send a generic reply
  4. Get Started : Reply when visitor clicks "Get Sratred" button [requires to enable get started button]

There are nine types of reply templates:






Quick Reply

Text with Buttons

Generic Template



After you setup bot and it starts replying people they will be your Messenger lead/subscriber. If you want to stop bot for any particular lead/subscriber and chat by yourself, simply click the "Stop Bot" button.

Enable Get Started

If you enable this, When someone come to your page first time chat box will pop up and a button called "Get Started" will appear. You can add the action reply for clicking the button in "Bot Settings" (described beow).

Persistent Menu [Requires "Get Started" Button]

The Persistent Menu is always available to the user. This menu should contain top-level actions that users can enact at any point. Having a persistent menu easily communicates the basic capabilities of your bot for first-time and returning users. The menu will automatically appear in a thread if the person has been away for a certain period of time and returns.

You can multi-level (nested) persistent menu and also can have different menu for different locale.